All times expressed in Central African Time.

Detailed Schedule

Tuesday 9.3

09:30 Doctoral and masters consortium – Anya, Obinna; Igwe, Joseph

10:00 Workshop on Designing for Active Engagement in Online Learning Environments – Ogunyemi, Abiodun; Bauters, Merja; Pejoska, Jana; Quaicoe, James Sunney

Wednesday 10.3

09:00 Opening – Lamas, David; Neves, Luís; Ogunyemi, Abiodun; Orji, Rita

09:30 Keynote – Rosa, Isaias

11:00 Session 1: HCI & Community Practices

11:05 A community-initiated website development project: promoting a San community campsite initiative – Keskinen, Pietari; Samuel, Marly; Afrikaneer, Helena; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike

11:25 Trail as Heritage: Safeguarding Location-Specific and Transient Indigenous Knowledge – Kotut, Lindah; McCrickard, D. Scott

11:45 Age Differences in Problematic Mobile Phone Usage Among Africans; Sakpere, Aderonke; Samuel, Makuochi; Muhammed, Aisha; Adamu, Muhammad; Orji, Rita

12:05 Digital platforms in supporting ICTD research collaboration: A case study from South Africa – Mwapwele, Samwel; van Biljon, Judy

13:30 Session 2: Methods & Practices

13:35 Problematising Identity, Positionality, and Adequacy in HCI4D Fieldwork: A Reflection – Adamu, Muhammad Sadi

13:55 An Assessment of Usability of Online Tax Return Services in Uganda and It’s Influence on Tax Revenue – Eilu, Emmanuel; Walyawula, Chris; Soita, Reuben

14:15 Insider Perspectives of Human-Computer Interaction for Development Research: Opportunities and Challenges – Nkwo, Makuochi Samuel; Orji, Rita

14:35 Re-thinking Technology Design and Deployment in Africa: Lessons from an African Standpoint – Adamu, Muhammad Sadi

Thursday 11.3

09:30 Keynote – Esselina Macome

11:00 Session 3: Health & Wellness

11:05 The Power of the Blue Tick: Ugandans’ experiences and engagement on Twitter at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – Kirabo, Lynn; Namara, Moses; McNeese, Nathan

11:25 Heuristic Evaluation of an African-centric Mobile Persuasive Game for Promoting Safety Measures Against COVID-19 – Ndulue, Chinenye; Orji, Rita

11:45 Design Opportunities for Persuasive Mobile Apps to Motivate Maternal and Child Healthcare and Help-seeking Behaviors – Nkwo, Makuochi Samuel; Orji, Rita; Ajah, Ifeyinwa; Igwe, Joseph; Ogbaga, Ignatius

13:30 From Research to Practice: A Panel About the Operationalisation of Human-Computer Interaction in an African Context – Paula Alexandra Silva, Santhi Kumaran; White, Edward Peter Greenwood; Anderson, Nathan; Adebanjo, Hannah Morenike; Wardle, Chelsea-Joy; Densmore, Melissa; Molapo, Maletsabisa; Cooks, Derrick

15:30 Posters & Demos – Rehema Baguma, Attlee Gamundani

Crafting Communication Protocols with a San Community in Namibia – Kaulbach, Peter; Afrikaner, Helena; Stichel, Brit; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike

COVID Dodge: An African-Centric persuasive game for promoting COVID-19 Safety Measures – Ndulue, Chinenye; Orji, Rita

A Mixed-Method Approach to Evaluating eCommerce Website: Towards Socially-sensitive Guidelines for Future Design – Nkwo, Makuochi Samuel; Orji, Rita

Friday 12.3

09:00 Session 4: Interfaces & Interaction Methods

09:05 Interactive Survey Design Using Pidgin and GIFs – Ajilore, Oluwatoyin Hannah; Malaka, Lauretta Eloho; Sakpere, Aderonke Busayo; Oluwadebi, Ayomiposi Grace

09:25 Towards the Use of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) for Tracking Eye Gazes – Onyemauche, Uchenna Chinyere; Nkwo, Samuel Makuochi; Mbanusi, Charity Elochukwu; Nwosu, Ngozi Queeneth

09:45 Pure Recall-Based Graphical User Authentication Schemes: Perspectives from a Closer Look – Adama, Victor Ndako; Oyefolahan, Ishaq Oyebisi; Ndunagu, Juliana N

09:05 An Experimental Approach to Tracking User Eye Movement in Interactive Apps: Implications for Design – Onyemauche, Uchenna Chinyere; Nkwo, Makuo; Mbanusi, Charity; Osundu, Blessing

11:00 Session 5: Participatory Design

11:05 Conservation tool design caught in the midst of trans-disciplinary negotiations of data accuracy – Mukumbira, Sebastian; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike; Muashekele, Chris; Chitakunye, Rumbidzai; Wandai, Peter; De Cauwer, Vera

11:25 – Virtually Escaping LockDown – co-creating a mixed reality escape room narrative with Namibian learner – Itenge, Helvi; Islas Sedano, Carolina; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike

11:45 – Integrating a community-based co-designed wildlife activity recording tool into a multi-stakeholder conservation management system – Muashekele, Chris; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike; Kapuire, Gereon Koch

12:05 – The Black Box of Virtual Agent Design: A Literature Review of User Involvement at the IVA Conference – Chilufya, Emma Mainza

13:30 Keynote – Peters, Anicia

14:30 Closing – Lamas, David; Neves, Luis; Peters Anicia