AfriCHI is Online!

AfriCHI 2021 will take place fully online. The programme, proceedings, networking and all other conference activities will be available to registered participants only. You can register for the conference here.

Our chairs and technical team will ask authors to create pre-recorded presentations or other contributions to the program. Research papers and panel sessions will take place synchronously to facilitate discussions. Posters will be available as an exhibition in a virtual gallery. The Workshop and the Doctoral and Masters Colloquium will take also place in online video conference sessions. We will provide synchronous and asynchronous channels for conversations and questions.

Detailed instructions for organisers, presenters, attendees and student volunteers will be available a few weeks before the conference.

We will use the following infrastructure to facilitate the event:

Worksop will be the main conference venue. This will be the nexus of everything for AfriCHI participants. The conference venue embodies the full program with all related links to ZOOM session rooms and other content. It will support discussions and provide an exhibition venue for demos and posters.

Zoom will enhance the Worksup environment with online rooms, fully manned by AfriCHI’s student volunteers who will open doors, let in participants, and support workshop, colloquium and panel organisers together with sessions chairs alike. With Zoom we will also create common rooms for socializing purposes.

Miro will provide additional collaboration spaces. It can be used as a whiteboard for teams to work during the workshop, or for any other purpose where content is co-created.

ConfTool supported submissions, the review process and notifications.

Skype will allow us to offer a chat and voice-based help-desk.